High precision gyroscopes and inertial measurement
units for military, space and industrial applications.


Sensonor designs and manufactures high precision sensors and gyroscope modules as well as tactical grade inertial measurement units (IMUs) for demanding programs. 

The company supplies global clients in military, space, industrial, and commercial markets with ITAR-free solutions for a wide range of applications. 

Sensonor produces boards for the manufacturing of key components of proprietary devices. Thanks to a close cooperation between the company’s production and assembly departments, Sensonor delivers sensors offering unparalleled performance. 

Sensonor STIM solutions are ideal for applications in satellite attitude and orbit control systems (AOCS), space launch systems, stabilization, guidance and navigation as well as various other uses in industrial, aeronautical and defense sectors. These devices have been successfully deployed in military land navigators, rocket systems, target detection systems, aerial surveillance, remote weapon platforms, and satellites. 

In many use-cases, STIM solutions can be a competitive replacement for FOG IMUs and can increase system efficiency in terms of measurement accuracy, reliability, size, weight, power and costs. 

Contact us to learn more about IMUs and high performance gyroscopes which you can implement in the absence of or inadequacy of a GPS signal. 

These devices are an ideal solution for UAVs, UGVs, gyro-stabilized observation payloads, and other military, space, aeronautical and industrial platforms. 

Marcin Owsianka

Sales Engineer for IT systems

Broad knowledge and experience in public transport, defense and IT gives him the ability to find the best possible solution and tailor it to client requirements.

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