Vehicle Diagnostics System  - Ledatel

Real-time management of all vehicle systems in one convenient place. 
Vehicle health as the key to safe and successful of runs.

The operator’s virtual cockpit enables real time tracking of IT and TCMS systems performance. A clear and detailed view presented on a graphical chart allows proactive monitoring and conducting selected maintenance tasks before the vehicle enters the service hall.


  • Virtual operator’s cockpit showing data from an HMI panel installed in a vehicle
  • Remote control of HMI operation
  • Layout and method of data presentation tailored to the carrier’s requirements


  • Real-time data presentation
  • Historical data presented with data from PIS/SKRJ
  • GPS position
  • The possibility of recreating a selected section of a route for a given vehicle

Monitoring of critical systems and processes

  • Vehicle telemetry position
  • Vehicle speed
  • Exceeding threshold values

LEO Rail Central

Main features, tasks, and functionalities

  • Possibility of adding diagnostic systems from any manufacturer
  • Creating vehicle groups by type, manufacturer, etc.
  • Email alerts
  • Graphic presentation of diagnostics on mobile devices
  • Access to archived data
  • Alarm states filtering
  • Creating custom search filters

System components

GSM/LTE communication module

GPS module

CAN module

A dedicated HMI Operator panel presenting diagnostic data on the vehicle

Central server for vehicle fleet data aggregation