Pantograph Monitoring System - Ledatel

Effective monitoring of the pantograph and it’s connection with the overhead contact line. Vehicle power under constant control.

The system incorporates an innovative pantograph monitoring module which uses computer vision algorithms. It detects flashes at the junction of the pantograph and overhead contact line, analyzes the movement of the pantograph head on the overhead contact line and issues alerts when acceptable limits are exceeded. Incidents are registered and sent to the central application.

LEO Rail Central

Visualization of calculations

Main features, tasks, and functionalities

  • Zigzag analysis
  • Flash detection at the junction of the pantograph and the overhead contact line
  • Track deformation detection
  • Overhead contact line height measurement
  • Collective reports on pantograph anomalies
  • Real-time incident reporting with GPS location
  • Automatic download of recordings to the central server from the vehicle

System components

High definition camera

Recorder with dedicated software

Reporting application module

Central application with a map of the carrier’s traction network