Passenger Counting System - Ledatel

Optimization of transport tasks which eliminates overcrowded and empty vehicles. 
Ensuring the passenger flow does not turn into a flood or a drought.

The system analyzes passenger flows and issues alerts about overcrowded vehicles. Thanks to this data, carriers can adjust the correct number of vehicles on a given line. The correlation of this data with a ticket sales system allows the carrier to improve passenger comfort and eliminate empty runs.

  • Manual mode
  • Stops
  • Vehicles
  • Diagnostics
  • Drivers
  • Lines/Brigades

LEO Rail Central


  • Generating automatic and on-demand reports
  • Data export in any format
  • Integration with the operator’s Big Data systems
  • Integration with the Commercial Broadcast System. Statistics of displayed advertisements on LCD screens in relation to the number of people in the vehicle
  • Information exchange between vehicle IT systems through MQTT ITxPT

Vehicle occupancy

The system enables the transfer of data concerning the occupancy of the arriving train to platform infrastructure systems. Data can also be transferred to side boards in long-distance vehicles as well as to internal boards enabling passengers to move around the vehicle comfortably and safely.

Main features, tasks, and functionalities

  • The system provides information on the number of passengers in a given vehicle and route parameters such as: line number, course number, names of stops, brigades, transport tasks
  • Enables manual adding of lines and stops with their GPS coordinates or allows integration with any Passenger Information System from which data on specific routes is imported
  • The reporting module enables the analysis of collected data and supports the carrier in optimizing transport tasks, timetables and planning vehicle maintenance
  • Helps to forecast passenger flows on specific holidays, non-working days and during vacation
  • The central system and controller installed in the vehicle works with any type of sensor/counting camera available on the market

System components

APC controller aggregating data from sensors and counting cameras installed in the vehicle 

Any sensor preferred by the carrier: IRMA, HELLA, DILAX itp