LEO Rail ITS – Intelligent Transport System - Ledatel

LEDATEL has been perfecting the LEO Rail platform for nearly 10 years. Our Research and Development Department is regularly introducing new functionalities and updates which are being developed with the help of key Polish carriers. It is thanks to their input that we are able to acheive the goal of creating a single application capable of managing all of the systems installed in vehicles.

The modular structure of the central application and the selection of appropriate technologies allows it to be used in many types of vehicles. LEO Rail works perfectly in electric and diesel multiple units, trams, as well as passenger cars and city buses. Our proprietary platform can be integrated with any IT system operated by the carrier. Along with the dynamic development of the IT Systems platform, LEDATEL introduced the quality management system in the railway industry ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS).

LEO Rail Central

The central application gives the ability to monitor the services of all available modules. It enables a user friendly, comprehensive visualization and analysis of vehicle diagnostic data. Thanks to the use of virtualization, the use of resources and availability of services are fully optimized, which reduces the system downtime for the platform. The possibility of integrating LEO Rail with each of the operator’s systems enables the use of any number of LEDATEL modules and the expansion of the platform with modules already being used by the carrier.