WiFi and Multimedia for the Passenger - Ledatel

Wireless, seamless and secure Internet access for passengers. 
Expected by travelers, delivered by us.

A complete and integrated GSM/WiFi mobile network system for wireless Internet access for travelers on board of rail vehicles. 

A tried-and-tested WiFi solution for passengers. Includes a welcome page with terms of service and a proxy server for content caching which reduces GSM data consumption and shortens page loading times. Filtering, network traffic management and statistics as well as a functional, web-based management panel are also parts of the system.

Multimedia app

The system uses dedicated software for remote monitoring of all devices installed in vehicles. It also includes a reporting module and a tool for recording data transfer statistics and user MAC addresses.

Full virtualization platform.

Functional description

All devices comprising the system have EN50155, EN45545- 2 railway certification. The system is designed for operation at -40°C to +70°C and exclusively contains passively cooled components.

The system can be expanded with additional access points without incurring license fees. Standardization and implementation of this type of solution allows various hardware configurations to be used. It also facilitates modernization of the system in the future without the need to replace server software or the entire system. All devices have M12 ethernet connectors which guarantees a stable connection and continuity of communication in the hardware layer.

Captive portal module offer functions such as:

Maximum number of simultaneous connections, idle timeout, session limit, MAC address filtering, IP filtering, authentication, Radius server, welcome page, terms of serivce.

High performance web proxy cache module:

Caching web pages for faster loading and reducing the use of GSM internet connection.

Network traffic monitoring for controlling the maximum size of downloaded and uploaded files.

Access control:
Allows subnets, blocking IP/MAC addresses, whitelist/blacklist, SARG Module – Squid Analysis Report Generator.

Generator module:
Generates website visits statistics and lists of user-downloaded files.

HotSpot Load Balancing and Failover modules used for balancing network load through emergency switching based on routing rules for WAN interfaces.

Main features, tasks, and functionalities

  • SLA measuring module for mobile network operators
  • SIM card data transfer statistics
  • Panel for managing HotSpot WiFi service