Design and manufacturing

We know that a perfect fit is paramount. That’s why LEDATEL puts so much care and attention in the design process. During this stage, in close cooperation with our partners, we analyze even the smallest details regarding their needs and expectations as well as technical project requirements. We then prepare a tailored design and iterate upon it based on client feedback, which we always highly encourage. The result is a final production-ready design that meets all of the set goals.

The manufacturing process materializes all the conceptual work done with our partners in the previous stage. Extreme caution is given to every device component and line of code, complemented by meticulous and rigorous quality control. LEDATEL solutions are certified for safe implementation in various applications in both domestic and foreign markets.



Installation, configuration, and testing is an integral part of our process. We make every effort to ensure that our solutions start working for you as soon as possible, at the highest attainable efficiency and reliability. 

LEDATEL has garnered the trust of the biggest rail carriers home and abroad. To date, we have installed over 3500 systems in nearly 1000 railway vehicles. We gained experience in complex projects with PKP Intercity in Poland and various other carriers in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Lithuania and Romania.



LEDATEL sells specialist devices for transport, infrastructure, industry, and digital signage. We’re proud, long-lasting partners of numerous leading global hardware manufacturers.


Service and maintenance

We’re ready to assist anytime and anywhere by providing professional maintenance and effective service to ensure continuous business operations.