IP Video Monitoring System - Ledatel

Video footage from the vehicle and its surroundings. When getting a full picture of the situation is paramount.

Video recording from internal and external IP cameras allows to determine and verify onboard incidents as well as vehicle collisions and accidents. The application lets users schedule remote footage download from selected vehicles. Transferring the video to a USB memory stick via an HMI terminal in the driver’s cab is also possible.


  • Live image preview from the vehicle
  • Playing video footage from several cameras at the same time
  • Creating tasks to automate video download to a central server

Raportowanie i Diagnostyka

  • Critical system errors, such as damage to video cameras or disks, no connection available
  • Video download status
  • GSM connectivity analysis – bandwidth, transfer of SIM cards and communication at the depot – through WLAN 2,4/5 GHz
  • Creating a coverage map for vehicles in rail yards

Vehicle geolocation and telemetry data

Footage can be exported with additional metadata from PIS and TCMS which may contain additional data helpful in explaining the incident and collisions which occurred during vehicle operation.

LEO Rail Central

Main features, tasks, and functionalities

  • Uses the same Ethernet infrastructure as other systems in the vehicle and can be integrated with them. This enables metadata download from the Passenger Information System, such as the line and brigade number or stop names
  • Scheduling footage downloads
  • Online audio and video transmission
  • Playing and downloading video

System components

Video recorder

Wide angle trail video camera

Side video cameras (mirrors)

Pantograph video camera

Internal video cameras

Dedicated HMI Operator panel