Solutions for the marine industry


Lumineq transparent displays are innovative devices which help to increase safety wherever precise data is at play. They displays only operate when showing information – otherwise they remain nearly completely transparent. The option to laminate them in glass or polycarbonates saves space and improves work ergonomics. 

Lumineq displays are not only among the most transparent in the world. They are also completely waterproof.

Maritime certified computers

MBOX series PCs from Sintrones are high-performance, rugged devices designed for work in harsh maritime environments. They are CE, FCC Class A, IEC60945 4th Edition, IACS E10, and DNV 2.4 certified. 

DNV-certified switches for ships, boats and offshore platforms

Lantech Switches are fully compliant with the criteria of DNV testing directives encompassing MED (Marine Equipment Directive), EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) , LVD (Low-Voltage Directive) which include vibrations, high voltage, sea-salt and humidity testing conducted to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments. 

Rugged devices

Multi-band antennas by Antonics are designed to work in a wide range of frequencies and power. They support wireless communication via GPS, WiFi 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, WiMAX, LTE, 2G, 3G, 3G+, 4G, 5G, DVB-T and CDMA. 

NB series routers from NetModule offer reliable performance in harsh conditions. The routers are equipped with M12 and RJ45 connectors, Quad SIM, multiple LTE/UMTS modems and WiFi AP/clients with load balancing support.

Acksys access points are rugged devices designed to build network infrastructure in demanding conditions.  

GPS splitters from GPS Source allow receiving a signal from one antenna by numerous receivers (from 2 do 32). Devices with two antenna inputs with a built-in switch and redundancy are available. The splitters have a working temperature range from -40°C do 85°C and are enclosed in rugged, waterproof IP55 housings. They include a GPS filter which prevents interference from other strong radio signal sources and a malfunction alarm. 

Marcin Owsianka

Sales Engineer for IT systems

Broad knowledge and experience in public transport, defense and IT gives him the ability to find the best possible solution and tailor it to client requirements.

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