New municipal passenger information system for SKM Warsaw

Manufacturing and tech company LEDATEL has installed municipal Passenger Information Systems in trains owned by Warsaw’s Fast Urban Railway (SKM). The solutions, which were made accordance with IRIS, were implemented in five- and six-car units made by Newag. 

LEDATEL has delivered its own devices as well as proprietary management software to SKM Warsaw. Each electric multiple unit received a set of color LED and LCD displays, routers capable of supporting up to 21 SIM cards and driver panels. The efficient operation of these systems is powered by proprietary, universal Passenger Information System (PIS) software compatible with ZTM Warsaw guidelines which are identical for both tramways and busses. 

The combined know-how of LEDATEL specialists resulted in timely research and development, testing and installation, bringing SKM Warsaw passengers the absolute top level of safety and comfort during commutes. 

In terms of hardware, LEDATEL provides efficiency and ergonomics coupled with a pleasing aesthetic. All delivered devices were constructed from high quality components which guarantee fast and reliable operation. For example, the HMI panels were fitted with RFID card readers and adaptable lighting ensuring great visibility in all conditions regardless of the time of day. Solutions such as these greatly enhance the driver’s UX increasing their comfort and safety of the service. 

Worth mentioning is the fact that the software developed by LEDATEL was created in close cooperation with drivers. Their abundant feedback guarantees that the software perfectly matches the expectations and needs of users, making using it intuitive and pleasant. 


In the project for SKM Warsaw, LEDATEL took advantage of MQTT Broker, an open protocol allowing fast, efficient and conflict-free data exchange between all IT systems installed in the vehicle. This gives every system sub-supplier the ability to both publish and download information crucial to effective system operation. 

Another advantage of the open protocol used by LEDATEL is the effortless addition of new suppliers of vehicle infrastructure as well as easy replacement of single devices after the warranty period without incurring steep integration costs. 

Information published in MQTT Broker may be used both in vehicles as well as bus and tram stop infrastructure. 

LEDATEL has the unique ability to intently observe and accurately recognize the needs of the market. This allows the company to deliver innovative, tailored solutions for even the most demanding projects, and to capture the trust of the biggest market players such as Newag and SMK Warsaw. 

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