Stabilized optoelectronic heads

Critical vision technologies for air, land, and maritime applications. 

Overt and covert operations. Border security, long-range surveillance, explosives detection, and setting up observation posts. Whatever the mission, Trakka Systems has the right solution for the job. 

Trakka Systems is a global leader in the production of advanced, reliable cameras, surveillance systems, and searchlights. 

The company offers ITAR-free gyro-stabilized EO/IR systems for observation, surveillance and tracking. All on-board sensors are fully configurable and adaptable to any mission, guaranteeing its success. 

All systems are capable of connecting with each other via a secure connection, allowing real-time, interactive map creation. These allow both operators and mission control to share mission-critical information without delays, increasing operational awareness. The software allows for augmentation of images with extra data provided by additional sensors further increasing control over the field of operations. 

Trakka Systems devices are compatible with interchangeable, universal mounts which ensure the ease of adaptation for air, land, and maritime operations. Durable, weather-proof cameras guarantee flawless operation even in the most demanding scenarios. All systems are designed in compliance with DO-160 requirements, using ruggedized and lightweight materials. 

Detection, surveillance and analysis of dynamically evolving situations from a safe distance. 

Stabilized multi-sensor surveillance systems represent a family of ruggedized, compact, high-performance devices designed for applications on armored vehicles. The systems provide a definitive tactical advantage for the crews allowing them to perform successful reconnaissance and surveillance. The systems designed by Trakka can be further integrated with ground radars, electronic warfare systems and unmanned acoustic sensors. This ensures a multi-dimensional situational awareness, which combined with mission control systems supported by efficient communications, gives a significant advantage in threat elimination. 


TrakkaCam TC and SWE series systems offer military and security users an array of solutions for land, maritime and air applications. All sensors (IR, day camera, laser rangefinder, target indicators) as well as their components are ITAR-free, allowing extensive exports.

Available devices: 

  • Single configuration (TC) and Dual LRU (SWE)
  • 3 sizes (200 mm, 300 mm, and 400 mm)
  • IR imaging cameras with zoom
  • Day cameras with zoom
  • Laser rangefinders
  • Laser target markers

Technical capabilities: 

  • MISB compliant video
  • Composite imaging
  • Local image enhancement (CLAHE)
  • Target geolocation
  • Moving target identification
  • Creation of interactive maps
  • Advanced automatic tracking algorithms
  • SLASS Searchlight Slaving


The TrakkaBeam product range embodies a completely new approach to the design and production of searchlights, completely eliminating the limitations of old, ineffective solutions. A unique design and durable built of TrakkaBeam devices guarantees the lowest MTBF in this market segment. 

A sleek aerodynamic look, low energy consumption, low weight and advanced functionality have become the hallmarks of TrakkaBeam and a model for other manufacturers of aviation searchlights globally. TrakkaBeam systems are trusted by Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement agencies around the world. The devices are a key element of successful operations carried out on land, air, and sea.

Marcin Owsianka

Sales Engineer for IT systems

Broad knowledge and experience in public transport, defense and IT gives him the ability to find the best possible solution and tailor it to client requirements.

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