AUO displays for use in public spaces
and Digital Signage

AUO displays for Digital Signage and Passenger Information

Advanced digital communications systems are constantly gaining popularity. The ease of reaching target audiences and the simplicity of multimedia content management makes these solutions an increasingly common guest in the public space. 

Digital Signage is an attractive way of presenting advertisements, information, news, and announcements from Passenger Information Systems. Commercials and changes in public transportation are just two of a myriad of potential applications. 

These systems are successfully used at train stations, airports and bus stops as well as in public administration offices and points of sale.

A demanding environment for displays

Displays are key to the effective conveying of information and marketing content.  Often, however, they are exposed to harsh working conditions requiring increased durability in comparison to strictly consumer solutions. These conditions include, among others, 24-hour operations in high temperatures. 

AUO meets these requirements as well as customer expectations. The Taiwanese company is a vastly experienced, world-leading LCD-TFT displays manufacturer. It offers solutions dedicated to both public transport and retail applications. The range includes outdoor and indoor displays both in traditional and custom-made shapes and proportions. 

The Tartan series includes elongated, square and round displays. Certain models employ Hi-Tni technology which uses liquid crystals resistant to solar radiation. 

AUO products are known for their high production quality using top-rated materials, allowing the displays up to 70k hours of operation. The devices are also adapted to working continuously in temperatures ranging form -40°C to +110°C with low power consumption and peak brightness of up to 4000 cd/m2.

Tartan series devices use 4K and Full HD, 21,5” to 85” screens.

Andrzej Danielewicz

LEDATEL President and CEO

LEDATEL President and CEO with a unique ability to foresee the needs of the market and to provide solutions disrupting the status quo.

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