The compact EmbedAir 1000 module allows to quickly and easily add WiFi functionality to any kind of Ethernet device. It can also be used to create industrial class WiFi devices. The module is standalone and doesn’t need any external software and controllers, dramatically reducing the cost of developing new devices as well as cutting down development time.    Key features:   

  • Dual-radio for fast data transfer: - 11n, up to 300 Mbps radio data rate (2 streams) - 11ac, up to 1.3 Gbps radio data rate (3 streams)
  • Compact size: 89 mm (l) x 51 mm (w) x 28 mm (h)
  • Mobile application capabilities
  • Simple web-based configuration, SNMP V3 or WaveManager
Industrial-grade module operating temperatures: -40°C to +75°C